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Safety Shower ABS Head Shower Size 1 1/2"
Safety Shower ABS Head Shower Size 1 1/2"
Safety Shower ABS Head Shower Size 1 1/2"
Safety Shower ABS Head Shower Size 1 1/2"
Safety Shower ABS Head Shower Size 1 1/2"
Safety Shower ABS Head Shower Size 1 1/2"

Safety Shower ABS Head Shower Size 1 1/2"

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safety shower ABS head with a size of 1 1/2", you'll want to consider various features and specifications to ensure that it meets safety standards and requirements. Below are some key specifications and features you may want to include:

  1. Material:

    • The ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material is durable and resistant to chemical corrosion, making it suitable for industrial environments.
  2. Head Size:

    • Clearly state that the head size is 1 1/2". This is the diameter of the shower head, and it's essential to ensure adequate coverage in case of an emergency.
  3. Spray Pattern:

    • Specify the spray pattern of the shower head. It's common for safety showers to have a wide and dispersed spray to cover the entire body quickly.
  4. Water Flow Rate:

    • Provide the water flow rate in gallons per minute (GPM). Compliance with safety standards may require a minimum flow rate to ensure effective decontamination.
  5. Activation Method:

    • Describe how the safety shower is activated. It could be a pull handle, push plate, or foot pedal. Quick and easy activation is crucial during emergencies.
  6. Eyewash Feature:

    • If the safety shower includes an eyewash feature, specify its design and functionality. Eyewash stations are often integrated into safety showers for additional emergency response.
  7. Compliance Standards:

    • Ensure that the safety shower complies with relevant safety standards such as ANSI Z358.1 in the United States or equivalent standards in other regions.
  8. Mounting Options:

    • Specify the mounting options available. Safety showers can be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or floor-mounted based on the specific requirements of the facility.
  9. Temperature Control:

    • Some safety showers come with features for temperature control, ensuring that the water is within a safe range to prevent further injury.
  10. Signage and Visibility:

    • Consider including features that enhance visibility, such as bright colors and signage, to ensure that the safety shower is easily located in an emergency.
  11. Durability:

    • Highlight any features that enhance the durability of the ABS head, ensuring that it can withstand harsh industrial conditions.
  12. Installation Requirements:

    • Provide information on installation requirements, including plumbing specifications and recommended maintenance procedures.
  13. Certifications:

    • Specify any certifications the safety shower may have, demonstrating compliance with industry and safety standards.

When specifying safety equipment, it's essential to work closely with manufacturers or suppliers to ensure that the product meets the specific needs and regulations of your facility


Rs.390.00 Rs.599.00
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