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Udyogi Make Ultra 5000 Series Safety Helmet
Udyogi Make Ultra 5000 Series Safety Helmet
Udyogi Make Ultra 5000 Series Safety Helmet
Udyogi Make Ultra 5000 Series Safety Helmet
Udyogi Make Ultra 5000 Series Safety Helmet

Udyogi Ultra 5000 Series Safety Helmet 6-Point Plastic/Textile Suspension with Slip Nape Fit Adjustment IS 2925:1984, EN 397, (Pack Of 6)

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The Udyogi Ultra 5000 Series Safety Helmet is designed with cutting-edge features to ensure optimal protection in various industrial environments. Here are some common characteristics and features found in this helmet:

Material and Build:

  • High-Quality Materials: Typically made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic.
  • Lightweight: Ergonomically designed for comfort during extended wear.


  • Modern Shell Design: Often features a sleek and aerodynamic shell for enhanced aesthetics and functionality.
  • Multiple Color Options: Available in various colors to suit different job site requirements or preferences.
  • Ventilation: May have vents to improve airflow and reduce heat buildup, enhancing wearer comfort.

Suspension System:

  • Adjustable Headband: Allows for a customizable fit to accommodate different head sizes.
  • Suspension System: Designed to absorb and distribute impact energy to reduce the force transmitted to the head.

Additional Features:

  • Chin Strap: Some models come equipped with an adjustable chin strap to secure the helmet in place.
  • Compatibility: Often compatible with additional accessories such as face shields, earmuffs, or visors for added protection.

Compliance and Certification:

  • Compliance: Meets or exceeds safety standards set by relevant regulatory bodies like ANSI, OSHA, or EN depending on the region.


  • Impact Resistance: Provides protection against falling objects, impacts, and electrical hazards.
  • Comfort: Designed to be comfortable for extended wear, reducing strain on the wearer.

It's important to note that the specific features and design might vary within the Ultra 5000 series, as there could be different models tailored for various industries or specific safety requirements. Always refer to the manufacturer's specifications and guidelines for detailed information regarding a particular model within the Ultra 5000 series.



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